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This registration is required to hire employees, create a trust, handle estates, or to form a business.
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Why apply for an EIN?

If you want to to hire employees, create a trust, handle estates, or to form a business you must apply for an EIN.

The Law

Any type of business entity with employees (including sole proprietors) must register for an EIN number.

Avoid Fines

Having an EIN helps you file business taxes on time and avoid costly tax penalties.

Identity Theft

An EIN means that your business does not have to provide your personal social security number, which is the number one method of identity theft.


When you provide an EIN instead of Social Security Number to your clients, it gives a positive impression. They understand that you are a serious professional who has gone the extra mile to legitimize their business.

Bank Loans

An EIN gives the impression that you are a smart and responsible business owner, who understands how to manage your business financially. This automatically makes you a stronger loan candidate which can help build your credit.


A business can benefit from many aspects of an EIN, including looking more professional to customers and legitimate to vendors.

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